Summer 2023

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From the Board
DAOA Needs your help.

The community relies on Owners to Volunteer for committees both member and/or chairs.
It takes volunteers on each committee to work in partnership to ensure our community is meeting and/or exceeding the needs of the Desert Aire Community. The goal of the committees is to represent all home owners, take action to continuously improve Desert Aire and of course work to make it a place to have fun for ALL.
Thank you for considering donating your time & talent.
Welcome 2023-2024 Board of Directors: Xavier Greisen, Rory Daigle, Matt Yanak, Anita Hammond, Jerry Hardt, Glenn Lampman and Carol Whiteside. 
Thank you also to the current committee chairs and members who are committed to representing community needs Architecture, Communication, Golf, Parks & Recreation, Security & Safety and Investment. 
We would greatly appreciate your participation in attending Board and committee meetings in-person or online as available. You will find an Events Calendar at  
If you are unable to attend but want to stay informed, please login, click on Board of Directors>Meetings for minutes. 
For those in Desert Aire over the 4th of July weekend we hope you enjoyed all the activities in the park and the fireworks. The Parks and Recreation team worked extremely hard to plan and execute in support of all the Home Owners and their guests. Thank you to all who organized, volunteered, and participated. Neighbors meeting neighbors is a great outcome in our small community. 
So much gratitude for the employees who keep the operation of Desert Aire running smoothly. If you are interested in working for DAOA, please reach out to the Office for current positions available.
Enjoy the remainder of the Summer! 
Board of Directors 
Glenn Lampman   exp 2024
Carol Whiteside    exp 2024
Jerry Hardt            exp 2025
Anita Hammond.   exp 2025
Matt Yanak.            exp 2026
Rory Daigle.           exp 2026
Xavier Greisen.      exp 2026

Mark your Calendars
Yard Waste Days 

August 19th   9:00 - 1:00
September 16th  12:00 - 4:00 
October 21st. 9:00 - 1:00

Business Office - 
Did you know - AutoPay processes on the 20th or 21st of the month following your statement. In months that have large billings (i.e. annual dues), you can prepay by the 15th and it won't pull the funds from your regular bank account. This way you don't have to go through removing and reinstating autopay.
We have been talking with Grant County Development Services to create a more streamlined cohesive process that will help with property development. More to come on this.
Parks & Greenbelt
Fires can be scary...and Burning in greenbelts is dangerous and not allowed. Did you also know that dumping grass clippings in the greenbelts is a violation and can lead to spontaneous combustion fires as it did late last month. (picture) Do NOT put green grass clippings in your trash cans either because it can start burning in the container or the garbage truck later. 
4th of July events kept the park area very busy with all the new events. Fireworks in the park was well attended by many members and their guests as usual. For some reason this year unsupervised teens were a big problem and unacceptable to volunteers at this point. That said, we will be having a follow up Fireworks meeting to review and discuss going forward on August 24th at 4:00pm. More info to follow. ***Special thanks to the fire department for pre burning the vacant lot adjacent to the park for us prior to the fireworks. Much appreciated after a motor landed there that night. 

Pool and Exercise Facility
Membership to the Exercise room is at 268 members and many days it is quite busy. The swimming pool has also been very busy with record usage over the July 4th holiday. 
Golf Course 
The corse is looking good and we continue to get great reviews thanks to all of our dedicated staff that make it happen every day.
REMEMBER, you can also follow us on Facebook for information and upcoming events at: Desert Aire Owners Association and/or Desert Aire Golf Course
As always please be sure your email and phone number are current with our office by calling or you can update them ONLINE through the website portal. Call or email the office with any questions setting up your account. 
If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas, stop by, call or send me and email to
In the Campgrounds: Day Use trash receptacles/dumpsters/garbage cans etc. are NOT for household garbage.
The cans in the campgrounds are ONLY for trash generated by tenants staying in these facilities whether at the golf course or down by the river in PUD's facility.

Well 6 is back online. The new start drive seem to be working well with the pump. This will help with the high demands in the mornings when most people run their irrigation systems. Without this well working it took all day for the other wells to catch up from the morning irrigation. The water department has been working on fixing leaks as soon as they turn up. This last round of meter reads we found several leaks in the system. These leaks are due to the age of some of the parts used in the meter installs. The age of some go back to the start of Desert Aire. The way we fix these is to dig them up and use a specialized tool to shut off the flow of water behind the broken part. Then we remove the part and install the new one. When the new part is installed the rest of the meter setter must be reconstructed.
Members need to remember to bring their owner's card for entry into the pool. Member without their cards will not be allowed entry. If your family has grown or as children get older, it's a good idea to have your picture updated. There is no charge to update your owner's card. 
If you are gone for an extended period of time the Water Department can shut off your water at the meter for $5.00, this will not stop pipes from breaking but it will not flood your home. Just as a reminder, the water policy effective August 1st 2009, states members are not to access the meter boxes in any way or they will be subject to the enforcement mechanism of the policy. All samples taken have been good. We are currently at 1,303 connections to the water system. the total year to date gallons produced for the overall domestic water system is 150,529,674.

PRO SHOP NEWS - Don Tracy, PGA Professional 
Green Fees for June were $57,968.00. In June 2022 they were $45,584.00. Year to date through June 30th green fees are $195,671.00 and in 2022 they were $168,062.00. 
We had several events in June and early July which have been keeping us quite busy. June 3rd & 4th was the 26th annual Desert Fox outing with 76 players and on the same weekend we hosted the Taren Glover Group with 140 players. The Desert Aire County Club Horserace was June 23rd. On July 4th weekend (June 30th through July 4th) which was a very busy time. In we had our July Junior Golf Camp with 32 kids, the Sagebrush Senior Center Scramble on July 21st, and the Men's and Ladies Club Scramble on July 24th and 26th. The Country Club Twilight Scramble will be on August 4th and August Junior Golf Camp is August 7th through the 10th. The Pro Shop is well stocked with a variety of products including clothing, clubs, bags, and other merchandise.
Hope to see you at the course soon.

Garbage Service is available through Waste Management of Ellensburg 
at (800) 572-4559. For non-full-time residents they even offer a roll out service with a nominal fee. *Please remember to store your can securely out of sight on non-dump days. 

Summer. High temperatures and long days. Stress on the course, grass, equipment, irrigation system, and employees! Sometimes we are just blessed that everything goes well, even in the times of adversity. Maybe that is a little dramatic, but we have had challenges in all the above-mentioned areas. Our most significant on going challenge this year has been gaining and keeping employees. In the last month, we had an employee leave and had to let another one go. Fortunately, we were able to hire a new crew member who is working out well. It if weren't for the dedication of our long - term, full - time employees and out part time employees filling the gaps, we would not have the good conditions we have with the DA properties. On the golf course, we have been taking advantage of a sales promotion from our Toro Irrigation supplier and have begun a project of changing our greens and green surrounds irrigation sprinklers on the front nine. They are an old design and the drive assemblies that make the sprinklers rotate are failing and fairly expensive to replace. Therefore, it made the most sense to upgrade the sprinklers and use the old ones for parts. We have currently replaced 1, 2, 7, 8, and half of 9 greens sprinklers with the first purchase. The remaining sprinklers for the front nine greens have arrived and we will start installation this week. Otherwise, general maintenance has been our main focus on the golf course and DA properties and trying to keep up with the details.On the other DA properties, we prepared and cleaned up from the 4th of July celebration at the park. We are also looking to take advantage of the Toro sales promotion for our entrance irrigation project that has been approved and will be completed this fall. Overall, we have had a good summer with the challenges presented, and the our conditions on the golf course and DA properties have been very good.


Living in Desert Aire has many advantages which also come with responsibility for all the community – whether living here full time or welcoming guests - to ensure that we all do our part with mindful contributions to the security and safety of the entire rural village. Previous issues of the newsletter have shared with owners and residents the concept of the Security/ Safety Committee (SSC) program Know Your Neighbor (KYN). There are many ideas of how and why this concept has been developed, and through the newsletter, email system, and other methods, SSC will strive to be proactive in helping all to be conscientious of the local ordinances and DAOA rules and measures for each owner to be aware of. One critical concern at this time of year is fire safety. Every year, from June 1 to October 1, DA is under the county-wide burn ban. https:// View/381/Grant-County-Burn-Ban-Information-PDF The 4th of July fireworks at DA park was enjoyed by many. However, some owners and residents still were not following common sense and the GC ordinance and shot off consumer fireworks at other locations and outside of the approved timeframes. Although SSC is unaware of the facts and circumstances, recently a fire in a greenbelt brought emphasis during these dry summer months and prompted these reminders. First, thank you to Grant County Fire District 8 for their response (photo 1), which according to witnesses was quick. However, in the time that it took for an owner to realize their property and others were threatened, action was still need- ed while awaiting the first responders to arrive. Preparations in advance can help everyone prevent damage to your own home or your neighbors such as these reminders:

  • Keep dry brush or plantings away from structures - home, garage, sheds, wood fences (photo 2/3) from igniting.
  • Have hoses outside (not locked away), in good condition, and long enough to reach areas that might be vulnerable.
  • Provide neighbors with knowledge of sprinkler systems that can be turned on in your absence.
  • Support the DA maintenance crew in their efforts to keep the greenbelts cleared of fire fuel - dry grass, dead shrubs, etc.
  • Familiarize yourself with DAOA CCR’s ( on responsibilities for maintenance of your property and common areas.
  • Enjoy all of the amenities of living and playing in Desert Aire...and help to keep it that way going forward.

Please also SAVE THE DATE of Wednesday, September 20 at p.m. at the multi-purpose building, as SSC invites you to attend a casual, informal gathering (with refreshments) to learn more about the Know Your Neighbor program. Questions? Email

This is the first year for the Parks and Recreation Committee being able to just focus on the Parks & Recreation since the Greenbelt portion has been taken on by the Architecture Committee. This change has freed up the Parks & Recreation Committee to grow into a more Community service based committee.
The Parks & Recreation mission statement is:
“To bring our community together and enhance quality of life by offering activities, equipment and events for our owners and their families and guests.”

In October we were able to get into the building that is now the Parks & Recreation Center in the park, our first peek showed us a junk filled space being used as storage and housing for the buckets of chemicals for the pool. Steve, Caroline Holmes and I cleaned all the junk out. Once cleaned out we found, due to the high-water table, the floor that was made of raised plywood was mostly rotten and our shoes broke through the floor as we walked on it. We knew that the building would need a new floor in order to be able to be used for anything. We were given the go ahead by James and Jerry Hardt to get concrete bids for the job, that was November. Finally, after much waiting we were able to get a new concrete floor poured in March. We set out to out- fit the New Parks & Recreation Center. Most of the supplies were either salvaged from items found in the building, like the cabinets, shelves and countertop (Which was pulled out during the office remodel) along with generous donations by individuals. The freezer used for our ice cream and popsicle sales came out of the old Snack Shack, and the fridge for water and Gatorade is the old fridge from the pool office. We were able to purchase some equipment, balls, nets, hockey sticks etc. and people in the community have come forward to donate much needed equipment as well. All the painting, constructing, development & design that went into the Parks & Recreation Center was done by a small group of determined individuals willing to put in the sweat equity to bring this to our community. The Rec. Center has sports equipment and games available to check out and used free of charge by all our owners, their families and guest. The Desert Aire Parks & Recreation Center had its official open house on Mother’s Day weekend May 13 . We sincerely hope that you will all make use of it! With the Parks & Recreations Grand Opening Celebration, The Golf Cart Poker Run and The DA Fun, Friendly Family 4th of July Celebration behind us we look forward and see many possibilities to bring to or beautiful community. Many things are possible if one a few will commit. We need new committee members and a special individual to step up for the Parks & Recreation Committee Chair, maybe it’s you? I can’t begin to describe how rewarding it has been to be on the Parks & Recreation Committee this past year both as the Board Liaison and as the Committees Acting Chair. I hope that others will be inspired to get involved in this committee and bring their energy and ideas with them. I want to thank the committee members; Steve Hammond, Caroline Holmes, Sue Ross, Dee Dee Barta and Water Master, Chris Guillen and GM, James Curdy for all their hard work, ideas, input and support!

GOLF COMMITTEE – Paul Meredith

The golf course is in great condition. Shawn and his crew are doing a tremendous job with these challenging conditions and a limited crew. Every homeowner, whether you golf or not, should be extremely proud of this great amenity. This year the scope of the golf committee has increased to include all things golf related, not just course condition. We are happy to take on this added responsibility and hopefully can be a valuable resource for our Desert Aire Homeowners Board and all homeowners. In September we will need to add Members to this committee. If this is something that interests you, please contact one of the members and let them know you are willing to serve.


Lots of activities are going on at Desert Aire. This new feature highlights these going-ons that are of interest to our owners.
Top Golf.... DA style was a great success. We had 13 teams sign up approximately 76 adults and children. It was a challenge even for the best golfers. Nick Trejo was the only person to hit the 100-yard pool, therefore his team took home the grand prize. Two other teams tied for second hitting the 20-yard pool. This was a community event so it was a great way to meet new people. We all had a great time!!!!
We have several more event happening this year so keep your eyes peeled for more information. Country Club is hosting a golf travel trip to Moscow, Idaho on September 25th—28th. We will be staying at the Best Western in Moscow, Idaho and playing Quail Ridge, Lewiston Golf and Country Club and Circling Raven. You can play one course or all three. It is up to you. If interested contact the country club at for more information.
Bob Trantina 
We want to thank everyone who helped make this year’s Annual Desert Aire Fly-In Pancake Breakfast on June 17 such a great event! We served 350 people breakfast and netted about $3,500.
Thanks to the amazing group of volunteers who made the event such a success by:

  •  Publicizing
  • Setting Up
  • Cashiering 
  • Handling out giveaways to the kids
  • Preparing delicious pancakes, sausage and scrambled eggs
  • Clearing tables, helping people find seating and making everyone feel welcome
  • Managing the aircraft that flew in and ensuring the safety of pilots, planes and attendees
  • Ferrying pilots to/from their planes
  •  Ferrying eggs to/from the Sagebrush Center
  • Clearing and cleaning everything after the event
Special THANK YOU’S go out to:
  • Butch Milbrandt and Del Christensen who shared their hangar and all its amenities
  • Think Tank for the donation of porta potties
  •  Rain Aire, for donation of a helicopter ride
  • Starfire Aviation LLC, for donation of a helicopter ride
  • And all those who donated other items for our basket raffle.
We want to say THANK YOU to all the people who attended the event in support of your Desert Aire Airport.
Speaking of helicopters – you may have noticed that the Rain Aire and Starfire Aviation helicopters have been parked on the ramp since the 1st of June. The Desert Aire Airport is the ideal location for cherry orchard work, since at times it is critical that any rain be blown off unpicked cherries at key times. The businesses pay an overnight parking fee, and are grateful for the clean and secure place to tie down equipment.

Want to learn more about your Desert Aire Airport and its operations? Participate in our monthly meetings – just go to our Facebook page for dates and times.


Business Office 509-932-4839

James Curdy, General Manager ext.100
Monée Farkasosky, Bookkeeper ext 101
Tracey Hockman, Payroll Clerk ext 102
Jessica Barragan, Receptionist ext 103

Business Office HOURS OF OPERATION   Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Water Department Chris Guillen, Watermaster ext 104
Water Emergency ext 104 509-830-4332 
Swimming Pool ext 108
Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend (10:00 am-8:00 pm 7 days a week)
Golf Pro Shop 509-932-4439
Don Tracy, PGA Professional ext. 106
Pro-Shop Staff: Dick Best, Cynthia St. Clair, Scott Denbo, Paul Meredith, Geoff Orwiler, Melissa Fierros, Wendy Knopp, and Nadia Delgado
Player Assistants: Scott Denbo, Brian Rahm, and Dick Best

An in-sink garbage disposal devices uses roughly 11.5 gallons of water each day. Try composting instead of using a garbage disposal.


Tired of carrying cash when you go out?
MEMBER CHARGING is an option for those on AUTOPAY!
If your account has been current AND you sign up for auto pay can charge at the Pool, River View Café, and Golf Shop by showing your Member Card.


IMPORTANT DATES: All meetings (held via BlueJeans, login information is available on the website member page, unless stated otherwise) and owners are encouraged to attend.
Desert Aire Board of Directors
– Held the 3rd Thursday of each month (except December) at 6:00 PM.
Architectural Committee - Meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 3:00 PM. (Except in November and December, when they meet only on the 2nd Wednesday).
Golf Committee – Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 2:00 PM.
Parks and Recreation Committee – Meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at 3:00 PM.
Communications Committee – Meets the 2nd Tuesday each month at 3:30 PM.
Security & Safety Committee - Meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM
Desert Aire Airport Commissioners - Meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 4:00 PM.


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One of the most interesting historical facts about Washington State is that its longest river was named by trader Robert Gray when he explored the area in 1792. His inspiration? None other than his ship, the Columbia, which he sailed from Boston to present-day Washington.
The Columbia River is a huge waterway, flow- ing from Columbia Lake at nearly 2,700 feet above sea level into the Pacific Ocean in Oregon. It is one of the important places in Washington State, as it's the fourth-biggest river by volume in the whole of North America. And because of its high volume, the 1,200-mile-long river is famous for being one of the best hydroelectric power sources in the world.