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It all began in the late 1960s when a group of investors led by Harry Davidson, of Harry Davidson, Inc., bought 3,200 acres of land along the Columbia River near the Wanapum and Priest Rapids Dam. Davidson then cut in a runway to fly investors in. They developed a planned community of about 1,600 homes centered on the Golf Course, Airport, and Marina.
The Desert Aire Community opened in the beginning of 1970.
Desert Aire is located in South Central Washington in the Southwest corner of Grant County on the East bank of the Columbia River along South Route 243. Covering nearly 1000 acres, Desert Aire now has 1,442 lots with an average population of 2,712.
Today the community is home to full time residents, recreation enthusiasts and visitors from around the state, country, and world. With some of the hottest temperatures during the summer, it is also one of the driest places in the state with over 300 days of sunshine, while sitting in the rain shadow of the Cascade and Umtanum mountains.