Winter 2023

Welcome 2023! On behalf of the entire Board, we hope your holiday season was wonderful!
You may or may not have had the pleasure of meeting our Code Compliance Officer, Pedro Hernandez. Pedro has a tough job as he is responsible to identify violations throughout our community but thankfully, he is very approachable and is always willing to work with our owners to find solutions. If you’re about to embark on a project and you’re not sure if what you’re doing is allowed, reach out to Pedro. He’ll walk you through what is needed and potentially save you from violation fines
During my Board tenure, I can’t remember more than a handful of meetings where the Board wasn’t asked to vote on a violation. The Board strives for consistency and sometimes the end result means assessing fines, not something we like to do. Our Architectural Regulations, By Laws and CC&R’s (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) are available on the DAOA website.  Following are the “top 10” violations along with the corresponding article. 
1. AR) 2.03—Plans Required
2. AR) 2.12a—Animals & Pets
3. CCR) 2.03—Modify, change, alter or improve common area
4. AR) 2.11a—Inoperable vehicle/appliances
5. CCR) 2.05—No fires on common area
6. AR) 2.11—Care & Appearance
7. AR) 2.10g—Disposal of lawn clippings, tumbleweeds or any other materials on common area/ Green belt
8. AR) 2.11b—Weed Control
9. AR) 2.11c—Dust Control
10. AR) 2.07b—Landscape, completed 1 year after completion of structure 
Thank you!

Board of Directors
Jeannie Denbo       exp 2023
Linda Warren        exp 2023
Caroline Holmes   exp 2023
Glenn Lampman    exp 2024
Carol Whiteside     exp 2024
Jerry Hardt            exp 2025
Anita Hammond    exp 2025


Mark your

Annual Spring Clean-up
April 21st—23rd
Yard Waste Days
May 20th                Noon—4:00
June 17th                Noon—4:00
July 15th                 9:00—1:00
August 19th           9:00—1:00
September 16th 12:00—4:00
October 21st 9:00 – 1:00

 From the GENERAL MANAGER’s Desk - James Curdy
With a new year comes renewed energies and hope for better times. While COVID seems to be less of an issue today, online meetings are here to stay and technology has certainly improved because of all this.
Our new online meeting platform BlueJeans is working well.  It seems most have been able to get into the meetings and I will encourage all committees to use the system.
It’s nice to have the days getting longer and some daylight when we get home.
Annual SPRING CLEANUP is planned for Friday, April 21st at 9:00 am. It’s a good time to help clean up our community and get a free pair of Desert Aire Logo leather gloves. Volunteers will be provided with bags and afterwards, a coupon to dump personal garbage a day early (Friday) instead of waiting in line Saturday or Sunday.
Once again, we will NOT be accepting appliances, furniture or tires.
On Saturday 4/22 we will have the SHRED TRUCK in from (9-12) at the Visitor Center in the Entrance Park by the Big Chair.
Website page popularity hasn’t changed much in the past year. Webcams followed by the online Tee Sheet are still the most popular. Lately, watching the boat launch work has been of interest for many. PUD expects the dredging work to be completed the end of February.
 We are up to 806 members with online account access and 1,387 public users, up from 942 a year ago
PLEASE NOTE for Bank “Bill Pay” service.
Most of these checks come from processors on the east coast and typically take 7-10 day (some even longer), so be sure to send them early in the month.
For many, autopay has been a great addition to ensure timely payments and nothing to remember/forget later.
Our Code Compliance Specialist and the Architectural Committee have done a great job working through the member approved hedge change from back in 2018 interacting with members that were still out of compliance and getting violations cleared up after the sunset date passed. Of the original 121 hedges, most corrected them voluntarily while others required attention from our code compliance officer. We only have 4 left on the list at this time so hopefully they get into compliance soon without any more added association expense.
Greenbelt/common area encroachments is the other big item we are working through to protect association property. Those members who have attempted to use/take this community owned property for their personal use are being given notice that Desert Aire is looking at all of these and addressing them to protect the association. I hope that these members will not force the association to incur too much expense in protecting them but if so, we will report out annually on these matters. Dog complaints have been around since the mid 70’s and while the county has done away with Dog Licenses, the animal control ordinance still applies and FINES are part of the enforcement in Desert Aire.

Fall pruning was done in late October and likely saved our parks trees during the big wind event November 4th. In the entrance park was a different story but they were all old Poplars so, not a bad loss and it will help with future irrigation updates. 

This is a friendly reminder to everyone that access is only for the cardholding member and no guests are allowed in this facility! Also, as it gets busier, please use headphones when playing music to avoid disturbing others.

Starting off the year closed was unfortunate but things have certainly picked up since reopening on the 13th. (See Don and Shawn’s articles for more info)
REMEMBER, you can also follow us on Facebook for information and upcoming events at: Desert Aire Owners Association and/or Desert Aire Golf and Country Club
As always please be sure your email and phone number are current with our office by calling or you can update them ONLINE through the website portal.
If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas, stop by, call or send me an email to  

 All golf carts used on the streets must be registered through the Sheriff’s Office.  Below is a link to the form for both renewal and new cart licenses.

Watermaster Report – Chris Guillen

After that cold snap I noticed that water usage went way up.  We have found or been called in on 10 major leaks.  Three have been under homes due to vents being left open.  So far there have only been two that I know of that broke inside the house.  Since finding all these leaks, water usage has almost returned to normal.  I have been reviewing the draft of the comprehensive water system plan and have summitted any corrections that needed to be fixed.  This plan will be summited to the board for approval.
If you are gone for an extended period of time the Water Department can shut off you water at the meter for $5.00, this will not stop pipes from breaking but it will not flood your home.  Just as a reminder, the water policy effective August 1st 2009, states members are not to access the meter boxes in any way or they will be subject to the enforcement mechanisms of the policy.  
All samples taken have been good.  We are currently at 1,296 connections to the water system.  The total year to date gallons produced for the overall domestic water system is 6,522,096.
Conservation Tip—If hoses are still attached, they can freeze and break the fixture.  If the hose is on a frost-free hydrant they will unable to drain and break the head of the fixture. 

 Golf Course SUPERINTENDENT Report – Shawn Hocking
Happy New Year to All!
We definitely had an early cold and snowy winter, but it has definitely become more moderate than it started and probably a little more normal. Normal is somewhat relative the last few years…Currently, we have removed the bulk of the wind downed trees from the entrance, park, and golf course. We lost nine trees at the entrance, one tree in the park, and nine on the golf course and driving range. As we have been monitoring the golf course to open for play, we have noticed a few trees that are leaning a little more than they did prior to the wind storm. The cleanup has consumed many hours that we intended to direct at other projects around DAOA. Hopefully, having the extra yard waste day in November was a benefit to the community.
Greenbelt cleanup was started in December, but the crew was hindered by all of the snow. The crew has also been removing trees from the greenbelts since mid-December as the time and temperatures have allowed. We will be continuing greenbelt cleanup with our limited crew.
Going forward, during the winter months, we will start siding and roofing our next cart storage, continue greenbelt work, do winter cleanup at the park, entrance, and on the golf course, and try to accomplish some of the projects that the wind storm delayed. There is definitely an abundance of work and, with opening the golf course for play, maintenance will be required. Besides the above-mentioned projects, I am looking to purchase a number of trees for the spring to replace the blown over trees, interplant for the future, and add trees to areas that can enhance DAOA, like at the park and entrance.
We will certainly be taking advantage of the good weather and even though it feels like early spring, winter will probably show up again.

 DUST CONTROL  it is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure it’s done, be courteous to your neighbors

PRO SHOP NEWS – Don Tracy, PGA Professional
Green Fees for 2022 were $323,395.00.  In 2021 they were $307,028.00.  This is an increase of $16,367.00.  We were closed for 45 days this winter due to snow and winter conditions.  However, we were able to open the course on Friday, January 13th
I had a Tournament Scheduling meeting on Tuesday November 1st with a Men’s Club, Ladies Club and Country Club representative. Attached is the Desert Aire 2023 Tournament Schedule (last page). This schedule is also posted on our website.
The Pro Shop is continuing our end of the year sale throughout the rest of January and February.  New merchandise will be coming into the shop at the end of February and the start of March.
Hope to see you at the course this spring.

 Members with gym access– only the cardholder is allowed into the facility.


Security and Safety Committee—Pam Thorsen
Greetings and Happy New Year to the owners of Desert Aire! 
The holidays were hectic, and it certainly didn’t help to have winter arrive so strong with lingering snow and ice.  Local and regional news was fraught with accidents, Pass closures, and unusually low temperatures, but thank goodness we don’t live in Buffalo! Seems like things are finally thawing out. Daylight is still short, with sunrise around 7:39 am and sunset about 4:40 pm in our little rural village. Many Desert Aire owners still live full-time somewhere else, while others leave to warmer climates in the fall, returning in April or so.  Security and Safety Committee is hoping that those owners sticking around will continue to be observant about what is happening around us.   The South Grant County Chamber of Commerce recently sponsored a Law Enforcement Appreciation Event at Wahluke High School.  Agencies represented were Grant County Sheriff, Mattawa Police Dept, WA State Patrol, WA Dept of Fish/Wildlife, the Grant County Prosecutor and two of our Grant County Commissioners.   Community members came to say thank you and it was encouraging to see the agencies inter-act with each other also.  These are people who run towards danger, not away from it. After eating, there was time for each agency to talk about the state of law enforcement in our area.  So far 190 people have viewed the video – watch it yourself at:  One common denominator across the agencies was the continued challenge of maintaining adequate staff levels.  Recently, two officers from Mattawa PD transferred over to GC Sheriff’s office.  Regardless, their residency remains in south Grant County, which is ideal.  
Years ago, some very dedicated owners served on the Citizens Patrol, when the community was different than today.  It’s up to all of us to keep a watch out on our own street and to get to know your neighbor! Keeping an eye out for their property, while you are around to protect yours, is welcomed in most communities, even in Desert Aire.  If you see something, say something. Whether it’s animals on the prowl, someone at your door that you don’t know, antics on the trails, or even speeders, law enforcement can’t help us if they don’t know.  For reporting suspicious activity, SSC suggests owners add to their cell phone the non-emergency MACC dispatch center 509.762.1160. along with the toll free number 888.431.9911. Note that the GPS on your cell phone may re-route and delay the call if you are out of the Desert Aire area. 

 Communications Committee – Jan Hansen
The committee met in January and began planning for the 2023 year.  Volunteers are needed for this committee and training will be available.  Please contact the office to volunteer.
E-mail blasts, communication boards, newsletters and the Desert Aire website and the main ways of keeping up on news for our Desert Aire Village. Get in the habit and be informed.

Tired of carrying cash when you go out?
MEMBER CHARGING is an option for those on AUTOPAY!
If your account has been current AND you sign up for auto pay …you can charge at both the Pool and Golf Shop by showing your Member Card. 

  Susan Ross – Desert Aire Volunteer Citizen of the Year
Susan Ross, Desert Aire resident since 2004 was surprised to be honored as the Citizen of the Year at the recent employee annual holiday celebration.
Susan owned a flower shop in Omak, Flowers by Susan, when she met Roy Ross, married and moved to our Village. Experience for 45 years in beautification has been our good luck as she has made our Desert Aire buildings and grounds cheery for holidays and fund-raising events.  Susan began to get involved through work with former resident Judy Norberg. These two gals gathered other talented Desert Areas Ladies and all of us have benefited.
Judy Norberg had tubs of decorations for holidays and Susan and Carolyn Holmes have been sorting and cleaning the vast accumulations of creations plus adding Susan’s to tubs being stored for use by DA volunteers. Keeping score for the Country Club tournaments was the beginning of her volunteering action.  Creating baskets for the Ladies Club Invitationals, Senior Center fund raising, table decorations and the Christmas tree in the clubhouse are a few of the behind the scenes work that Susan has contributed throughout the years. One of the fun days was manning the “Boos Cart” for the Tombstone Tournament. 
Desert Aire has been the benefit of her many talents.  Congratulations, Susan.

L to R: Melinda Skogerson, Liz Finly, Susan Ross, Connie Parli, and  Sharon Young
Volunteer Thank you.

Our clubhouse was filled with Christmas cheer due to six women who devoted hours to the Desert Aire tree.  Connie Parli, Sharon Young, Melinda Skogerson, Liz Finley, Susan Ross and Carolyn Holmes were the elves placing the ribbon and many decorations on the tree branches. The sparkling holiday lights filled the clubhouse with holiday joy.  Thank you and much appreciation for the time you gave on this project.  Thank you to Holly Phelps for the donation of most of the new decorations.

 DAOA Employee Fund
The employees of Desert Aire would like to thank all of the homeowners who contributed to the Employee Fund.

 Village Extras!!

Lots of activities are going on at Desert Aire.  This new feature highlights these going-ons that are of interest to our owners.
 Desert Aire Ladies Golf Club – Join Now! 
The Desert Aire Ladies club feeds that competitive spirit while building camaraderie and new friendships. We’re a community of women who share a love of golf!  
The club offers opportunities to play golf each Tuesday and Saturday during the season (March thru mid-November). We play fun individual or team games and mix up the pairings giving you an opportunity to play with all other club members regardless of skill level.  
We encourage all women, whether you’re a beginner or our next club champion, to join us. 
This year's Ladies Club fee is $35. As a special incentive to first-time members, this fee will be waived for you! Membership forms are available at the clubhouse. 
For more information, please contact Joanne Mykleburg at or (509) 680-1910. 

 Sagebrush Senior Center
Did you know that you can be a member of the Sagebrush Senior Center at 45-54 years of age as a non-voting associate member?  Dues are just $20.00 per person and we have openings.  Come have fun at game nights, potlucks and a variety of activities available at the center.

 Looking for a place to donate new or used clothing locally? Contact Lluviana Mendoza at Wahluke School District.  Lluviana is the McKinney Vento/Foster Care Liaison for the district.  Donations can be dropped off at her offices behind the high school or arrangements can be made for possible pick up from your home.  Food and household goods are also needed and welcomed.  Lluviana can be reached at, or 509.932.3895 ext. 3895.
Buscas un lugar para donar ropa nueva o usada localmente? Póngase en contacto con Lluviana Mendoza en el Distrito Escolar de Wahluke.  Lluviana es el enlace McKinney Vento/Foster Care para el distrito.  Las donaciones se pueden dejar en sus oficinas detrás de la escuela secundaria o se pueden hacer arreglos para una posible recogida en su hogar.  Los alimentos y los enseres domésticos también son necesarios y bienvenidos.  Puede comunicarse con Lluviana en, o 509.932.3895 ext. 3895. 

 Business Office           509-932-4839
James Curdy, General Manager      ext. 100
Monée Farkasosky, Bookkeeper  ext. 101
Tracey Hockman, Payroll Clerk           ext. 102
Reyna Perez, Receptionist        ext. 103
Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Water Department 509-932-5202
Chris Guillen, Watermaster 509-932-5202
Water Emergency 509-830-4332
Swimming Pool 509-932-4896
Memorial weekend through Labor Day
weekend (10:00 am-8:00 pm 7 days a week)
Golf Pro Shop 509-932-4439
Don Tracy, PGA Professional ext. 106

Pro-Shop Staff:  Dick Best, Cynthia St. Clair, Scott Denbo,  Paul Meredith, Geoff Orwiler, and Suzette Nyseth
Player Assistants:  Scott Denbo, Brian Mullen, and Dick Best

 IMPORTANT DATES: All meetings (held via BlueJeans, login information is available on the website member page, unless stated otherwise) and owners are encouraged to attend.

Desert Aire Board of Directors – Held the 3rd Thursday of each month (except December) at 6:00 PM.
Architectural Committee - Meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 3:00 PM. (Except in November and December, when they meet only on the 2nd Wednesday).
Golf Committee – Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 2:00 PM.
Parks and Recreation Committee – Meets the 1st Thursday of each month at 4:00 PM.
Communications Committee – Meets the 2nd Tuesday each month at 3:30 PM.
Security & Safety Committee - Meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM
Desert Aire Airport Commissioners - Meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 4:00 PM.


 More trivia
The first golf balls were made of feathers wrapped in leather. These balls flew much further than the balls that came after. They were used until the mid-1800s, when they began being made out of wood.
The first round of women’s golf was played in the year 1811 in Musselburgh, Scotland.
The rarest score of all (the condor) is when a golfer makes a hole in one on a par 5. This score is so unique, it has only been recorded 4 times!
The highest golf course in the world 14,335 feet above sea level and is in Morococha, Peru.