Winter January 2024



  • DAOA Needs your help by donating your time and talent.

The community relies on Owners to Volunteer for committees.
There is a Board of Director’s position open.  Please contact the office to submit an application for review and consideration. Thank you! 
We wish to whole heartedly thank Jerry Hardt for his 4 years on the board.
Committee Chair and member positions vacancies.  Please contact Board Advisors Glenn Lampman, Architecture or Carol Whiteside, Communications for more information or

  • Fireworks in the park as we have been accustomed to, will NOT continue in 2024. 
The January 18th DAOA Board meeting agenda item and motion: “supported and endorsed by the Safety & Security Committee, the Parks & Rec Committee, the Communications Committee and Management, to stop the use of privately purchased fireworks or consumer grade fireworks in the park on the 4th of July.” was discussed and approved.
A separate email was sent on January 19th to all owners on this topic.
Sadly, of the 12 owners who volunteered the night of the fireworks event, only 6 showed up to assist.  They were left to deal with an extremely dangerous, risky environment coupled with disrespectful and belligerent attitudes.
Clean-up on the 5th was not an issue.
Reality is most DA owners/guests watch the aerial show from home or if they do go to the park, it’s to watch, staying on the grass not venturing to the parking lot area where the consumer fireworks are ignited, by unaccompanied minors or adults without regard for others safety.
On a positive note, the Parks & Recreation Committee planned numerous events for the long weekend prior to the 4th of July.  These events were well attended, fun and received positive, owner feedback.  We hope to see this tradition continue in 2024.
  • DAOA Needs your participation.

We look forward to your participation in attending board and committee meetings in-person or online as available:
If you are unable to attend but want to stay Informed, please login, click on Board of Directors > Meetings for minutes.
We have so much Appreciation for the employees who keep the operation of Desert Aire running smoothly.  If you are interested in working for DAOA, please reach out to the Office for current positions available.
Enjoy the remainder of the Winter season!

Board of Directors
Carol Whiteside     exp 2024
Glenn Lampman    exp 2024
vacant                    exp 2025
Anita Hammond    exp 2025
Matt Yanak            exp 2026
Xavier Greisen      exp 2026
Mark Pierce           exp 2026

Mark your Calendars
Annual Spring Clean-up
April 19th
9:00 am—1:00 pm
Shred Truck
(by the Visitor Center)
April 20th
9:00 am—Noon
Yard Waste
(behind the Senior Center)
April 20th and 21st
9:00 am—5:00 pm
Garbage/Scrap Metal
(at the Clubhouse)
April 20th and 21st
8:00 am—5:00 pm
We will not be accepting furniture, tires, or appliances

From the GENERAL MANAGER’s Desk - James Curdy
Happy New Year! January was finally able to bring in winter and we’ve had a few kids and families sledding in the park.
Once again, we have a new online meeting platform. This time we switched hardware to allow more options and I think Zoom will be it for a long time. 
We are still actively looking for a Full Charge Bookkeeper to join our team along with other positions for the upcoming season. See our website for opportunities.
Annual SPRING CLEANUP is tentatively planned for Friday, April 19th starting at 9:00 am. It’s a good time to help clean up our community and get a free pair of Desert Aire Logo leather gloves. Volunteers will be provided with bags and afterwards, lunch and a coupon to dump personal garbage a day early (Friday) instead of waiting in line Saturday or Sunday.
On Saturday 4/20 the SHRED TRUCK will be at the Visitor Center in the Entrance Park by the Big Chair from (9-12).
Online access continues to grow with 861 members using and 1,871 public. This is up from 806 and 1,387 a year ago with much of it about making online tee times. In 2019 online booking was only 7% in 2021 18% and 2023 it grew to over 45%.
Our Code Compliance Specialist and the Architectural Committee have continued to work with member helping them get projects approved or come into compliance whichever the case. 
Greenbelt/common area encroachments was a big undertaking last year that grew through the process but by December only a few members had not worked cooperatively to resolve them.
Dog complaints have been around since the mid 70’s and while the county has done away with Dog Licenses, the animal control ordinance still applies and FINES are a part of the enforcement in Desert Aire.
MACC/911 has a new online reporting link for non-emergency matters.  The same as calling 888-431-9911.

Garbage Service is available through Waste Management of Ellensburg at (800) 572-4559. For non-full-time residents they even offer a roll out service with a nominal fee. *Please remember to store your can securely out of sight on non-dump days.

Parks & Greenbelts-
Much cleaning has been done in greenbelts adjacent to high traffic areas but our team continues to reach out deeper into other areas as time allows. (see Shawn's article for more info) 
In the entrance park we are preparing for installation of a new irrigation system, the first major renovation in 22 years.
Exercise Facility
We have attempted to repaint the interior of this facility a couple of times recently but weather and other conflicts have delayed. We expect to get it finished soon
Golf Course
While the course is white with snow and extremely wet from the rain, we hope weather will change and allow reopening in the next couple weeks. (See Kyle and Shawn’s articles for more info)
REMEMBER, you can also follow us on Facebook for information and upcoming events at: Desert Aire Owners Association and/or Desert Aire Golf and Country Club
As always please be sure your email and phone number are current with our office by calling or you can update them ONLINE through the website portal.
If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas, stop by, call or send me an email to  

Watermaster Report – Chris Guillen

With this blast of very cold winter weather, we have been checking to be sure we are set for it.  We have checked and keep checking our heat on our facilities that handle our water.  We made sure all meter boxes were insulated.  The cold snap has also had owners calling in to have water shut down until the weather to get better.  We will be on the lookout for leaks as weather get warmer.  The water system produced 281,471,443 gallons for 2023.  We installed 15 new meters, 7 pools were filled and 10 leaks were repaired. 
If you are gone for an extended period of time the Water Department can shut off you water at the meter for $5.00, this will not stop pipes from breaking but it will not flood your home.  Just as a reminder, the water policy effective August 1st 2009, states members are not to access the meter boxes in any way or they will be subject to the enforcement mechanisms of the policy.  
All samples taken have been good.  We are currently at 1,311 connections to the water system.  The total year to date gallons produced for the overall domestic water system is 5,844,229.


PRO SHOP NEWS – Kyle Preston, PGA Professional
Happy New Year! Unfortunately, January has brought us low temperatures and snow, but we are looking forward to getting through it and back out on the golf course. If you are a property owner, please remember to bring your property owner’s card when you come out to play. You must have your card to get the property owner’s rate.
Desert Aire will be an exhibitor at the 2024 Spokane Golf Show on February 17th & 18th. If you plan on being there, please stop by our booth and say hello! At the show we will have an “Employee Pricing” special on merchandise. But we want avail this special to everyone, so on February 17th and 18th we will have an “Employee Pricing” special at the pro shop as well. For those days you can purchase merchandise in the shop and receive the employee discount which can be up to 40% off! Certain items excluded from special rate including, but not limited to, Ping golf clubs, range packages, and any Food and Beverage items. Please email me at if you have any questions on available items.
Our 2024 tournament schedule is now on the website under the Golf tab > Pro Shop & Tournaments. This list does not include all of our private outings, but we will be adding those to the website calendar as they are scheduled.
If you have not already, please follow us on Facebook where we will post regular updates on course conditions, upcoming events, incoming merchandise, and much more. We are looking forward to an excellent season and can’t wait to see everyone out on the course. See you soon!
2024 Desert Aire Junior Golf Camps with be hosted July 23rd-25th & August 20th-22nd. Registration for both camps will open on April 1st. Camp participants must be between the ages of 6-18. If you have any questions please email

Conservation Tip
If hoses are still attached, they can freeze and break the fixture.  If the hose is on a frost-free hydrant, they will unable to drain and break the head of the fixture.

Golf Course SUPERINTENDENT Report – Shawn Hocking
Happy New Year!
We have finally had some winter temperatures, which has forced the maintenance crew to change focus on the work we are doing. However, the mild winter has allowed us to make progress on some of the work we have been wanting to accomplish.
The greenbelts have been one of our biggest focuses so far this winter, and we have been able to cover a significant amount of area. So far, we have concentrated on greenbelts that are adjacent to road ways. These include: Desert Aire Dr., part of Airport Dr., and two areas on Edgewater. Currently, since the ground is solid, we have been removing trees that are in greenbelts. As time permits going through the winter, we will be evaluating areas of higher density sage and brush and/or areas that have walk paths for our next cleanup areas. Obviously, this is a multi-year endeavor, but this has been a very good beginning.
The entrance irrigation project was approved last summer, and we have finally begun that work a couple of weeks ago. The freezing temperatures have stopped this project, but as soon as the ground starts to thaw, we will be pushing hard on it. Currently, we have started the south side of the entrance.
The golf course has received some attention as well. Although we have a large amount of desert on the course, we also have a considerable number of trees. I am hopeful that we will work through pruning the course this winter. Since we are generating sod from the entrance, some has been utilized on the golf course.
Other projects to be completed when time allows include: Finishing some work at the cart storage, installing dry wells for run off, working in the club house, and pruning at the park.


 Golf Committee—Kyle Patrick
There have been a few changes in 2023 and into 2024.  Kudos to Paul Meredith for his past leadership on the Golf Committee! The committee  consists of Kyle Patrick (Chair), Wendy Knopp (Country Club), Dave Hartnett (Men's Club), Marcia Bartlett (Ladies Club), Rich Hartnett, Kevin Anderson and Deb Sciascia as at-large members.
Progress on the course continues on as Shawn and his crew have been thinning out brush along Desert Aire Drive and environs making the course look neat and tidy. Expect more clean-up around the course to help speed up play. Hopefully, in the spring, we can coordinate some volunteer clean-up on selected Mondays in 2024.  Here are a few accomplishments from '23:
The DAOA Board has signed a contract with Boulders Designs to create monuments (markers for each hole) to be installed in the Spring
Bunker rakes have been purchased and are available
A second sand bin has been added, located near the practice putting surface
Contact any member of the Golf Committee for input that will improve the course and support the efforts of our maintenance crew and pro shop staff.


Security and Safety Committee – Pam Thorsen
Just like many years, Desert Aire has some nasty winter weather going on.  Lower temperatures plus wind chill kept a lot of folks inside.  Then more snow landed again, and still lingers, as the sun hasn’t popped out for days, and the temperatures at night still drop below freezing. Everyone should be careful driving and walking to avoid injuries, but some activities still can proceed, even while snow is on the ground.   Maintenance crews continue to be removing dead brush and plantings in anticipation for the warmer temperatures and related dangers that face us in warmer months.
In 2023, several of the newsletter reports from SSC included fire safety.  SSC’s launch of Know Your Neighbor event included participation of the local fire chief and a state representative to share more information about the national program FIREWISE. 
Why is it important for our rural village to come together in a comprehensive, constant effort aimed at fire safety?  In researching grant opportunities, it was determined that Desert Aire is considered “at risk”, with a higher wildfire risk to homes than 83.8% of the communities in the nation.
SSC’s Firewise Work Group is planning to use our monthly meeting in May, during National Wildfire Awareness Month, to help owners learn more about the project.  DNR’s Community Resilience Coordinator under their Wildland Fire Management Division recently visited and met with the work group, which will be meeting monthly to keep our efforts focused. 
DAOA mailed water bills (Jan-Feb-Mar) include a postcard provided by WA State Dept of Natural Resources (DNR) that helps prepare personal property methods to be more wildfire ready.  The post card has two bar codes owners can use to see if your property is wildfire ready and to access “Fire Resistant Plants for Eastern Washington” to consider planting landscapes that can reduce risk of loss from wildland fires.  
Know Your Neighbor is also a reminder to connect with other owners, whether on your street or elsewhere in the community to help keep a watchful eye on things, including wildfire safety.  
Continued effort with Grant County Road Engineers pursuing the plan, including grant dollars, for SSC’s Safe Roads/Streets/Trails project. Research to evaluate technology that is in place or needed for assisting owners to know about security and safety issues is also ongoing.  
Budget planning will begin shortly, and SSC will continue participating in meetings to ensure the committees mission is the focus of any request, while continuing to use established allocations wisely.
Questions?  As always, email SSC at

Parks & Recreation Committee—Brent Sprague
The Parks and Rec committee is looking for volunteers for our committee. We have fun events planned for the spring and summer of 2024.

Village Extras!!

Lots of activities are going on at Desert Aire.  This new feature highlights these going-ons that are of interest to our owners.

Country Club Happenings
Desert Aire Country Club is excited for the 2024 season.  We will have a lot of fun golf and social events this year.  You can join the Country Club for $25 per year and you will receive reduced rates at all our events.  Come on out and meet some new people and join the fun.
To kick off our season we will be having a St. Patrick’s Day celebration on Saturday March 16th at 2:00PM.  We are inviting everyone to bring an Irish dish or dessert to share.  We will be playing Irish trivia and a “Guess How Many” game.  There will be prizes for the winners.
SAVE THE DATE: Jack Rabbit Co-Ed golf tournament (2 person) May 18th & 19th 2024:  The tournament includes 2 days of golf, dinner, prizes & much more. Grab your partner and get ready for two days of fun.

From the Airport Commissioners:
The winter months are upon us and with the cold and snow comes airport inactivity, at least from an airplane perspective.  That doesn’t imply that there’s nothing to do.  Please read on…
The Desert Aire Airport District board of commissioners has been working on bringing the Airport District into compliance with Washington State law as a result of the audit performed by the Washington State Auditor’s Office in 2023. Two of the three non-compliances are mostly administrative and have been resolved. The third non-compliance is with respect to gifting of public funds due to the lack of a Residential Through The Fence (RTTF) agreement with our public use airport which receives public funds in the form of grants from Washington state. The audit specifically states, “The Airport is providing services free of charge, which could be considered a gift of public funds.” and quotes numerous RCWs supporting the statement.
Since the completion of the audit on July 6, 2023 the airport commissioners have had ongoing discussions regarding the audit, its findings and the corrective action required for the audit findings in the monthly commissioner meetings held in the clubhouse. The results of the audit and the airport district’s response to the audit can be found at the Washington State Auditor’s Office website.
The thing to remember is this is not a private airport.  The airport district is a government within Washington state and must comply with state law regarding the use of public funds. The airport property has been leased from the Desert Aire Owner’s Association since 1994. The lease stipulates that the airport district will seek WSDOT grants as a condition of the lease agreement. Washington state law stipulates that the airport will charge appropriate fees for the use of the airport.
The commissioners have consulted with WSDOT Director of Aviation, our former state representative Tom Dent, Washington State Auditor’s Office, attorneys and numerous airports within Washington to
understand how to bring the Desert Aire Airport District into compliance. The airport district is planning to implement an RTTF agreement this year for properties that are connected to the airport and desire direct access to the airport property. Once implemented, only properties with an RTTF will be allowed access to the airport. This RTTF will be in the form of a lease agreement with an annual fee.
RTTF agreements are common throughout the aviation industry, especially with airpark type airports where private property is accessing public use airports.
The commissioners will be discussing and establishing the details of the RTTF in the upcoming meetings and strongly encourages the properties that have direct access to the airport to attend the monthly airport district meetings to be informed, ask questions and be part of the process.  The district meetings are open to the public and are held every 3rd Thursday at 4:00 pm in the Desert Aire Clubhouse.

 Bicycle Repair Station
We have installed a bicycle repair station in the Park near the rest room.
The Fixit Plus includes all the tools necessary (screwdrivers, Allen, Rorx, Headset, Pedal, and box wrenches) to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance, from changing a flat to adjusting brakes and derailleurs.



 Business Office       509-932-4839
Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
James Curdy, General Manager    ext. 100
Bookkeeper  ext. 101
Tracey Hockman, Payroll Clerk    ext. 102
Reyna Perez, Receptionist     ext. 103
Water Department   ext. 104
Chris Guillen, Watermaster ext. 104
Water Emergency 509-830-4332
Swimming Pool   ext. 108
Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day
weekend (10:00 am-8:00 pm 7 days a week)
Golf Pro Shop 509-932-4439
Kyle Preston, PGA Professional  ext. 106
Pro-Shop Staff:  Cynthia St. Clair, Paul Meredith, Wendy Knopp, and Nadia Delgado
Player Assistants:  Brian Rahm, Geoff Orwiler, Paul Meredith, and Dick Best

Tired of carrying cash when
you go out?
MEMBER CHARGING is an option for those on AUTOPAY!
If your account has been current AND you sign up for auto pay …you can charge at the Pool, River View CafĂ©, and Golf Shop by showing your Member Card.

IMPORTANT DATES: All meetings (held via Zoom, login information is available on the website member page, unless stated otherwise) and owners are encouraged to attend.
Desert Aire Board of Directors – Held the 3rd Thursday of each month (except December) at 6:00 PM.
Architectural Committee - Meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 3:00 PM. (Except in November and December, when they meet only on the 2nd Wednesday).
Golf Committee – Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 2:00 PM.
Parks and Recreation Committee – Meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at 5:00 PM.
Communications Committee – Meets the 2nd Tuesday each month at 4:30 PM.
Security & Safety Committee - Meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM
Desert Aire Airport Commissioners - Meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 4:00 PM.

 Check out the Bookmobile in the Park the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm.  For more information go to: