PDF Documents & Forms




pdfBy_Laws_2017.pdf - Rules governing how we operate as an Owners Association

pdfArticles of Incorporation - Document creating the Desert Aire Owners Association

pdfCovenants_Conditions_and_Restrictions.pdf - Agreements which property owners commit to live by in the community

pdfDesert_Aire_Reserve_Study_2016.pdf - This Reserve Study meets the requirements of the Washington Homeowner’s Association Act, and was prepared by a Reserve Study Professional.

pdfArchitectural_Regulations_2017.pdf- Regulations for the construction and/or renovation of structures, landscaping and the upkeep of all areas within the community.                          pdfViolation_Report_Form.pdf

pdfArchitectural_App_2017.pdf - Application for approval of the construction, moving and/or renovation of structures within Desert Aire

pdfLandlord_&_Rental_Information_Form.pdf - This form is used to keep the office informed about the current renters at each address.

Recreation Facility Policies, Rules, Days and Hours of Operation:

pdfWater_Policy_Manual_July_2017.pdf - Definitions, policies and procedures that govern the potable water source within the Rural Village of Desert Aire.

pdfHigh Water Bill Relief Request - Request form to alleviate high water bills caused by leaks

pdfAirport_Lease_and_Regulations.pdf - Agreement and regulations governing the Desert Aire Airport

pdfAirport_Lease_with_Amendments.pdf - Modification and extension of the above agreement governing the operation and use of Desert Aire Airport

pdfHomeowners Guide To Septic Systems - Recommendations from the Environmental Protection Agency for the use and care of septic systems, including how they work, how to maintain them, and how to keep them from failing.

pdfSiteAddressApplication - Grant County form to acquire an Emergency Marker.

Banquet Permit required if alcohol will be present - Link to Washington Liquor Control Board website to obtain Banquet Permits for alcohol consumption. This is required for any person(s) or organization wishing to use space in a Desert Aire facility where alcohol will be served.

pdfShoreline_Access_Paths.pdf - Link to Shoreline Access Paths within Desert Aire



Watermaster Notices and Information