PDF Documents & Forms


pdfBy-Laws_ - Rules governing how we operate as an Owners Association

pdfArticles of Incorporation - Document creating the Desert Aire Owners Association

pdfCovenants_Conditions_and_Restrictions.pdf - Agreements which property owners commit to live by in the community

pdfFinancial Reserve Study - This Reserve Study meets the requirements of the Washington Homeowner’s Association Act, and was prepared by a Reserve Study Professional.

pdfArchitectual_Regulations.pdf- Regulations for the construction and/or renovation of structures, landscaping and the upkeep of all areas within the community.                          pdfViolation_Report_Form.pdf

pdfArchitectural Application Form - Application for approval of the construction, moving and/or renovation of structures within Desert Aire

pdfLandlord Rental Information Form - This form is used to keep the office informed about the current renters at each address.

Recreation Facility Policies, Rules, Days and Hours of Operation:

pdfWater Policy Manual - Definitions, policies and procedures that govern the potable water source within the Rural Village of Desert Aire.

pdfHigh Water Bill Relief Request - Request form to alleviate high water bills caused by leaks

pdfAirport_Lease_and_Regulations.pdf - Agreement and regulations governing the Desert Aire Airport

pdfAirport_Lease_with_Amendments.pdf - Modification and extension of the above agreement governing the operation and use of Desert Aire Airport

pdfHomeowners Guide To Septic Systems - Recommendations from the Environmental Protection Agency for the use and care of septic systems, including how they work, how to maintain them, and how to keep them from failing.

pdfCitizens Patrol Home Watch Form - Fill it out and drop it in the mail slot of the Cop Shop, or mail it to: Citizens Patrol, #1 Desert Aire Drive SW, Mattawa, WA 99349

pdfSiteAddressApplication - Grant County form to acquire an Emergency Marker.

Banquet Permit required if alcohol will be present - Link to Washington Liquor Control Board website to obtain Banquet Permits for alcohol consumption. This is required for any person(s) or organization wishing to use space in a Desert Aire facility where alcohol will be served. - Priest Rapids Recreation Area at Desert Aire.



Watermaster Notices and Information