Desert Aire Regional Airport Information (M94)


The (temporary) Official Desert Aire Airport District Link is

The Desert Aire Golf Course Pro Shop is located just south (540') of the west end of the runway (rwy10). There you find a rest room, lounge, snacks and drinks, not to mention the Golf Course. It is open daily but please check ahead for winter and holiday hours.

For those who wish to fly in and Golf, please make arrangements with the pro shop prior to your flight. Letting them know you are flying in helps promote the airport's mission of community service and support.

Less than a half mile from the parking apron on the east end of the airport is the local business area. You will find a gas station / quick stop, restaurants, and a small store.

The Airport has an automated 'uni-com' weather advisory service. Three clicks on 122.8 gives you a basic automated weather briefing, any announcements, and airport lighting.

There is also portable toilet at the west end parking apron for when everything is closed.


  • Effective March 29, 2018 all aircraft will adhere to the FAA standard left hand traffic pattern for both runway 28 and Runway 10. During this transition period, be on the lookout for aircraft that are unaware of this change.
  • Please use the river just west of the runway and highway east of the runway for your left downwind entries to the pattern to minimize aircraft noise and traffic over the the community and golf course.
  • Be aware of the Yakima Firing Range to the west and the power lines and low flying jets to the east of the runway.

Please refer to official FAA documentation for most current information and procedures.

Airport Info:

Desert Aire Regional Airport (M94)
319 Airport Way SW
Desert Aire, WA 99349
Tel: (509) 596-2298

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