Early Spring 2023

As the winter slowly comes to a close and spring is upon us, it’s a great time to take note of the many winter projects completed by our staff. Not all of these projects are easily noticed and are behind the scenes. A couple of these upgrades accomplished this year include the improvements to the second golf cart shed and the water line upgrades to Rainbow Place. Mother Nature also impacted our staff this year as a considerable amount of times been spent removing damage from winter storms. Take a moment to thank our hard working staff!
Growth within our community and the surrounding areas has been amazing over the last several years! Non-improved lots within Desert Aire are dwindling to a very small number. Growth around us has also been significant. The small town of Vantage is a great example with the new housing development, Vantage Bay, coming along just south of the bridge and future plans within the town itself. In Mattawa, we’re seeing more homes come in and in Beverly too. All of this growth has impacts to our community. I encourage you to volunteer for a committee or serve time on the board which are great ways to help shape the future of our community.
From the GENERAL MANAGER’s Desk - James Curdy
 It’s always nice to have evening daylight after the time change. This past weekend with temps in the 60’s really made it feel like spring.
Annual SPRING CLEANUP is set for Friday, April 21st at 9:00 am, so plan to come out and help clean up our community. You’ll get a free pair of Desert Aire Logo leather gloves and some lunch. Afterwards, you’ll also get an early dump pass to dump personal garbage (Friday) instead of waiting in line Saturday or Sunday.
Once again, we will NOT be accepting appliances, furniture or tires and when the dumpsters are full, no more garbage will be accepted.
On Saturday 4/22 we will have the SHRED TRUCK from (9 am-12 noon) at the Visitor Center in the Entrance Park by the Big Chair.

With the Columbia Bank/Umpqua merger those members on autopay who use this bank will need to update your routing number with us. Just email or mail us your updated info and we will get it updated in the system.
 Board of Directors
Jeannie Denbo       exp 2023
Linda Warren        exp 2023
Caroline Holmes   exp 2023
Glenn Lampman    exp 2024
Carol Whiteside     exp 2024
Jerry Hardt            exp 2025
Anita Hammond    exp 2025  
Mark your Calendars
Annual Spring Clean-up
April 21st
Shred Truck
April 22nd (9—12 noon)
Free Dump Days
April 22nd—23rd
Yard Waste Days
May 20th  Noon—4:00
June 17th Noon—4:00
July 15th 9:00—1:00
August 19th 9:00—1:00
September 16th 12:00—4:00
October 21st 9:00 – 1:00

 With the local garbage transfer station closing May 15th members either need residential service or plan to haul garbage 60 miles to the nearest waste facility.
The Snack Shack is opening April 1st for the season.  New menu too!
Our Code Compliance Specialist and the Architectural Committee are onto another big project after all but wrapping up the hedge issue with only 1 of 121 remaining.
Greenbelt/common area encroachments is the next big item to protect Association property. Those members who are using this community asset (without a license agreement) for their personal use are being given notice that Desert Aire is looking at all of these and addressing them to protect our Association. I hope that these members will readily comply and not force the Association to incur too much expense in protecting them. If expenses are incurred, we will report out on those.

Dog complaints have been around since the mid 70’s and while the county has done away with Dog Licenses, the animal control ordinance still applies and FINES are part of the enforcement in Desert Aire.

PARKS & GREENBELTS- Volunteer Park monitors are being sought for 4th of July Park usage. The sign-up sheet is already in the office. 
 Garbage Service is available through Waste Management of Ellensburg at (800) 572-4559. For non-full-time residents they even offer a roll out service with a nominal fee. *Please remember to store your can securely out of sight on non-dump days.
A new sunscreen will be installed on one of the picnic tables in the park for testing prior to the summer heat. If it’s good, we may add more to others as we become busier in the summer.
The pool splash pad will be stripped and recoated this spring.

While we are still in the busy season for this facility, I need to ask those who use the fitness in the afternoon and evening to please park outside of the main park so we don’t have to disrupt your workout to move your vehicle.  We are locking the gates because of ongoing random vandalism we have had in the park and park restrooms.

GOLF COURSE - The golf course looks good coming out of winter and it has been busy as ever. Lots of winter bunker repair has been needed after the big winds. (See Don and Shawn’s articles for more info)
The RV Park gets busier every year so we continue to improve the area. This year is another extension of the block wall to provide more wind protection.
All golf carts used on the streets must be registered through the Sheriff’s Office.
Below is a link to the form for both renewal and new cart licenses.
REMEMBER, you can also follow us on Facebook for information and upcoming events at: Desert Aire Owners Association and/or Desert Aire Golf Course.
As always please be sure your email and phone number are current with our office by calling or you can update them ONLINE through the website portal.  Call or email the office with any questions setting up your account.
If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas, stop by, call or send me an email to curdy@desertaire.org  

 Conservation Tip
Check on your irrigation system to be sure of proper operation.  This includes checking on heads, drip lines, and shut off valves

  Water Master Report - Chris Guillen

With better weather ahead I would like to remind owners to be vigilant when turning on their irrigation systems.  A lot of leaks in the spring are caused by improper operation of stop and waste valves.  The next problem I see often is leaking or broken sprinkler heads.  Broken heads can use more water than your whole system in a day. 
We are currently working on the Rainbow place upgrade.  We have laid all of the new 4-inch pipe.  Next, we will have to do all the testing to make sure that the new pipe is safe for drinking water.  These tests will also include a pressure test to be sure there is no leaks or bad sections of pipe.  After all the test we will the change over to the new 4-inch line.
If you are gone for an extended period of time the Water Department can shut off you water at the meter for $5.00, this will not stop pipes from breaking but it will not flood your home.  Just as a reminder, the water policy effective August 1st 2009, states members are not to access the meter boxes in any way or they will be subject to the enforcement mechanisms of the policy.  
All samples taken have been good.  We are currently at 1,300 connections to the water system.  The total year to date gallons produced for the overall domestic water system is 21,751,660.

 Golf Course SUPERINTENDENT Report – Shawn Hocking
 As I write this letter, there is still a little snow on the hills, spring is coming soon! The wind will blow, a few showers will come, and a few warm days will stimulate the grass to green up, trees to leaf out, and spring flowers to bloom! The work has already begun!
We recently brought back a few of our crew to start chipping away at some of the work. So far, they have begun our normal cleanup and some general maintenance of the DA properties. Most of the work has been generated from the November windstorm that blew over or damaged 20 trees and blew tons of sand out of our bunkers onto the golf course. As it is, we have cleaned up the holes from the trees and have spent a fair amount of time working over the worst of our bunkers. Sand has been purchased and will be distributed to the bunkers as needed. Replacement trees for critical locations will be purchased and planted after we reach final approval.
Through the winter, the crew has sided the last cart storage, but we are waiting on the steel roofing to complete the project. Other projects that we have been working on include preparing the Park Recreational Center for its new concrete floor, preparing to install a shade material for a table near the park restroom, and pouring a concrete pad for a bicycle repair station.
After a year and hearing golfer’s feedback, Daniel and I have expanded our fairway mowing to include around all of our greens, as was initially started around 9 and 13 greens and around a few others last year. Other work that is coming will include preparing for and installing the basalt monuments and sprucing up post, signs, etc., on all DA properties. Also, our events will start up and more basic maintenance will need to be implemented. Lastly, we will be aerating areas on the golf course in early April. Aeration is an important maintenance practice that increases water and air movement into the soil profile.
Even though it is early, our irrigation system has been charged and repairs will be made over the next couple weeks on all DA properties. I like preparing early in case we need to irrigate our sand-based greens and tees or water trees, like the ones mentioned above that we will be planting.
Overall, we have accomplished a lot of work with a fairly small crew. We are looking for full and part time employees to increase our crew size so we can accomplish our basic maintenance and projects for the coming year. There are a lot of employment options. If interested, please contact me at our maintenance office.

PRO SHOP NEWS – Don Tracy, PGA Professional
Spring is here and the mountain passes are getting better which means more of our members with summer homes will be coming back to Desert Aire. Also, our snow birds will be heading back soon. The start of the year has been challenging due to the winter weather. Our Green Fees through March 1st are $20,172.00.00 compared to $22,937.00 for 2022. 
GHIN posting started on March 1st. We are back to regular tees and one cup. Remember golf dues, cart permits, cart storage, Men’s and Ladies Club dues along with handicap fees are now due. If you are only here on weekends you can take care of these dues and fees in the pro shop.
Our winter Best Ball is Saturday and Sunday, March 25th & 26th. We have 48 teams and 96 players. It is a great way to start our tournament season. Other upcoming events include our Jack Rabbit Couples Tournament May 20th and 21st .    
The Pro Shop is fully stocked for your golfing needs. We will be having sales throughout the Spring and new merchandise will be arriving weekly, so be sure and stop by and check on the new items. Spring is a great time to take lessons and brush up on your fundamentals.  Also, remember we match prices of Pro Golf Discount, Puetz  Golf and Golf Smith on their non close out equipment.
Hope to see you soon.

Communications Committee – Jan Hansen
The CC has a job opening for chairman of its “board”.  All applications accepted for a position that takes you all over the Village of Desert Aire.  Positions are also open for committee members.
The pay scale begins at $00.00 and remains there, but the experience is “priceless”.  (Excuse the plagiarism.)
Please send your name to Jeannie Denbo, Board President for immediate consideration.
Jan Hansen will be very excited to provide training!

Family, Fun & Safe July 4th
The sign-up sheet for volunteers for the 4th and 5th are now available in the office.  The owner task force has been meeting for the past two months preparing for our fun events and member usage of the park.  Fireworks are not a Desert Aire sponsored event but we do allow members to use the parking lot for discharging their own fireworks.  The parking lot will be available from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm for the discharging of fireworks for owners and their guests.
A minimum of twelve monitors is necessary and they will work for 1-hour shifts.  Volunteers may also choose to work all three hours.  A phone call to the office will add your name to the list – 509-932-4839 or an email offfice@desertaire.org.  The committee looks forward to hearing from owners.
The maintenance staff will use the big equipment for clean-up on the 5th, but it is necessary to have owner participation to pick up the grass areas. This sign-up sheet is also available in the office.  The two sheets will be available on the sign-in table when the Desert Aire clean-up day volunteers pick up their assignments on April 21st.
Remember, a burn ban is always in place during our hot, dry, windy summers and to avoid other fire danger, the ban will be enforced. The Park parking lot is the only designated area for Desert Aire individuals to discharge fireworks. The cooperation of our owners and guests is expected.

Below is part of an article put out by UW on Coyotes.  This is a  problem they are seeing on campus. If they are having challenges with them in the big city naturally we are going to see some as well in our rural village. https://www.ehs.washington.edu/system/files/resources/coyote-focus-sheet.pdf
Coyotes look like small dogs, with erect pointed ears, slender muzzle, and a bushy tail. They tend to be more afraid of humans than we are of them. Coyotes can be most active at night and in the early morning, but it is also normal for them to be moving at any time of day. Coyotes have been present at our campus locations and vicinity for years and they are an important part of our ecosystem. Coyotes, like other urban wildlife, can sometimes carry parasites and diseases transmissible to people and animals.
Conflicts and risks to humans and coyotes can occur when they lose their natural fear of humans. Please take the following actions to keep coyotes wild:
  • Never feed coyotes or put food out to attract them. Wild animal bites can occur when people attempt to feed or touch them; habituating an animal to rely on people for food can lead to its demise.
  •  Make space. If you see a coyote near you, widen the gap between you and the animal.
  • Be loud and appear large. Clap your hands, stomp, shout at it, wave your arms, shine a flashlight, pop open an umbrella, throw a rock or stick towards it, or take a step towards it. These actions encourage them to leave and avoid people in future.
  • Do not run at or away from a coyote. Never corner or trap a coyote or other wild animal.
  • Remove pet food and bird feeders around buildings. Feed pets indoors. Pet food, bread, table scraps, seeds that attract birds and rodents also attract coyotes to the area.
  • Dispose of garbage in secure bins with lids. Don’t leave waste outdoors, next to bins or outside exterior doors. Event organizers should plan for waste containment and disposal.
  •  Fence produce gardens and promptly remove ripe fruits and vegetables. Cover compost piles.
  • Accompany small children outside if coyotes have been frequenting the area.
  • Walk pets on leash (required on University property), and keep pets close to you at night. Don’t leave pets outside unsupervised. Coyote diseases or parasites are rarely a risk to humans but can affect dogs. Never let a dog interact with a coyote.
 Security and Safety Committee—Pam Thorsen
In the January newsletter, SSC stressed the importance of owners and residents keeping an eye out and contacting law enforcement for assistance with issues happening in our neighborhoods.  Many owners have mentioned the increased visibility of the GCSO units in Desert Aire…this is a direct result of calls to the MACC dispatch number, as well as the continued increase in hiring and training new deputies in our area.  Thank you GCSO …and owners - keep calling in!
In February, SSC was asked to identify three initiatives to work on. In addition to continuing to build relationships in the committee’s county-wide network, emphasis will begin towards 1.) the development of the Know Your Neighbor program-a twist on previous neighborhood watch ideas, 2.) a Safe Roads project with GC Public Works, and 3.) DAOA technology. All other areas that Security & Safety has been active in over the last five year’s since its inception are on-going and we will continue to report progress in our monthly minutes/updates to the Board of Directors.  
 This month, the KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOR project was presented in concept to owners in attendance at the Senior Center potluck.  There was good interaction on the concept, and nine owners asked for more information.  SSC plans on holding an open meeting for owners to attend to hear more, so keep an eye out for information coming your way.  
A pilot of the SAFE ROADS initiative recently launched in Moses Lake. An affiliation with the US Department of Transportation, the program assists local jurisdictions in identifying specific needs in areas that are then folded into transportation improvement plans at the state and/or local level.  The GC Public Works Engineer has shared the concept with SSC and we will be working to collect ideas from owners to be considered as part of the projects for Desert Aire.
Finally, technology moves constantly, and it is critical to ensuring that our community utilizes it to keep our residents, infrastructure, and assets secure and safe.  As another comprehensive initiative that will take time to develop, SSC hopes to help research, review and recommend how equipment and software upgrades can be used to help keep DAOA current.
Concerns or ideas on any of these initiatives or other areas Security & Safety includes in it’s mission statement? Send us an email to DAHOASafetyCommittee@gmail.com
Village Extras!! 
Lots of activities are going on at Desert Aire.  This new feature highlights these going-ons that are of interest to our owners.
Country Club Happenings
We had a great turnout for our St. Patrick’s Day Social. We had about 50 people with lots of great Irish appetizers and some amazing desserts. We also held a Birdie Bottle recipe contest, and we had 25 different concoctions. There were three lucky winners…Irish Sunrise, Watermelon Jalapeno, and Shamrock Shake.
Save the Date
2-Day Jack Rabbit Co-Ed Tournament (2 Person)
May 20th & May 21st, 2023, Shotgun start 9:00 A.M.
This is always a fun event. This includes tee prizes, two days of golf, dinner at the Sagebrush Senior Center and much more!
We will also be hosting  The Horserace on Friday June 23rd. This is a computer picked team event which will be played in a 9-hole scotch ball format. There will be team betting available at the clubhouse. Deck Party following the event with appetizers provided by the Country Club.
We are adding a new event this year. TOP GOLF DESERT AIRE STYLE. It will be held on Friday July 14th.  This event is open to all ages and will be comprised of teams. Details will be shared as the event gets closer.
Join the Country Club for only $25 per year and you will receive a reduced rate at our events.  Come on out and meet some new people and join the fun!!!. 
Tired of carrying cash when you go out?
MEMBER CHARGING is an option for those on AUTOPAY!
If your account has been current AND you sign up for auto pay …you can charge at both the Pool and Golf Shop by showing your Member Card.
Business Office     509-932-4839
James Curdy, General Manager  ext. 100
MonĂ©e Farkasosky, Bookkeeper  ext. 101
Tracey Hockman, Payroll Clerk    ext. 102
Reyna Perez, Receptionist      ext. 103
Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Water Department 509-932-5202
Chris Guillen, Watermaster 509-932-5202
Water Emergency 509-830-4332
Swimming Pool 509-932-4896
Memorial weekend through Labor Day
weekend (10:00 am-8:00 pm 7 days a week)

Golf Pro Shop 509-932-4439
Don Tracy, PGA Professional ext. 106
Pro-Shop Staff:  Dick Best, Cynthia St. Clair, Scott Denbo,  Paul Meredith, Geoff Orwiler, and Suzette Nyseth
Player Assistants:  Scott Denbo, Brian Mullen, and Dick Best

SAVE THE DATE!  Be sure to mark your calendars for the annual Airport Fly-In Pancake Breakfast, Father’s Day weekend, June 17, 2023.  Come and enjoy a hardy breakfast of pancakes, sausage and eggs, see some amazing airplanes and meet the pilots!  All donations help the volunteer staff pay for airport maintenance and repairs.  If you would like to donate an item for the breakfast raffle baskets, or if you could donate 2 hours to volunteer at the event, please call Joyce Trantina, 253-350-5370 or email jctrantina@ifiber.tv.
We want to extend our thanks and appreciation to Vince Himsl who has served as an Airport Commissioner for many years.  Vince gave up his Commissioner role in January to pursue other endeavors, but will continue to help with various projects.  We thank Karl Reese, a long-time DA property owner and pilot, for filling this vacancy.
Last fall, much needed repairs were made to the runway and one of the parking ramps, thanks to a significant grant from the Washington State Department of Transportation Aviation Division. The contractor will be back in early May to apply the final sealcoat to the runway and striping.  Pilots should pay attention to NOTAM’s on May 1st.
With warmer days ahead and more outdoor activities, please remember that airport property may not be used for vehicles, golf carts, bikes, skateboards, etc. 
The Airport District is looking at viable ways to develop the six acres of commercial property on the northeast end of the runway to best serve the community.  Please look forward to the Airport District seeking ideas and feedback in the future.
Lastly, there are several new homes/hangars adjacent to the airport – WELCOME to this great community we call home. 
The Airport District holds its monthly Commissioners meetings on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 4:00 p.m. in the clubhouse.  We encourage the community to attend and engage in the dialogue. 
If you have questions or concerns regarding the airport, feel free to visit our website or contact us at https://m94district.weebly.com/contact.html

IMPORTANT DATES: All meetings (held via BlueJeans, login information is available on the website member page, unless stated otherwise) and owners are encouraged to attend.
Desert Aire Board of Directors – Held the 3rd Thursday of each month (except December) at 6:00 PM.
Architectural Committee - Meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 3:00 PM. (Except in November and December, when they meet only on the 2nd Wednesday).
Golf Committee – Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 2:00 PM.
Parks and Recreation Committee – Meets the 1st Thursday of each month at 3:00 PM.
Communications Committee – Meets the 2nd Tuesday each month at 3:30 PM.
Security & Safety Committee - Meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM
Desert Aire Airport Commissioners - Meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 4:00 PM.